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This is MONTHLY MATTERS, a collection of Artist-related articles. It covers all kinds of stuff, related mostly to a self-critical view on 'us' artists, our working conditions and really generally all things art-world.

Two issues were produced as PDFs, from now on Monthly Matters is continued as a blog.

Monthly Matters 1 2014
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Monthly Matters 1 2014 ---> PDF
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Monthly Matters is continued as a blog now.

Untitled (Tip Jar)

Matters of Appearance untitled (Tip Jar) Untitled (Tip Jar): 2012
UCSD Exhibition Space

Untitled (2012)

Interventions in the public sphere

Site Specific Text Intervention

"Mostly, I like to play it safe"
Quint Gallery, San Diego, 2012

Site Specific Text Intervention

"Nothing Else but Beautiful"
Quint Gallery, San Diego, 2012

Site Specific Text Intervention

"At first we try to deny what we see"
Quint Gallery, San Diego, 2012


Wir zeigen unsere Arbeit/Performance "Pausenraum" im Rahmen der Ausstellung Bürokartie in Münster.
30.10. bis 08.11.2009
Eröffnung: Freitag, 30.10 19:00
Geöffnet 16:00 bis 20:00

We will perform at projekt "Bürokartie" in Münster.

Matters of Appearance Bürokartie Pausenraum

Ich habe diese Ausstellung mitfinanziert

Intervention im Haus der Kunst München

"Aus 1037 Bewerbungen wurden 120 Künstlerinnen und Künstler (...) ausgewählt."
(Webseite große Kunstausstellung München)

Alle Bewerber mussten 20 Euro bezahlen. Damit bezahlen die abgelehnten Bewerber (die Mehrheit) die Ausstellung für die angenommenen und die Institution.

"From 1037 applications 120 artists (...) were chosen."
Each applicant had to pay 20 Euros. Thus, the rejected applicants financed the show for the others and the institution.

Matters of Appearance Intervention München

Matters of Appearance Intervention München

Das T-Shirt kann zum Selbstkostenpreis hier bestellt werden.

Woran es liegt, dass der Einzelne sich nicht wohl fühlt,
obwohl es uns allen doch so gut geht

Wir schaffen einen 1-Euro-Job für einen Hartz-IV-Empfänger. Seine Aufgabe: In die SPD einzutreten und dort politisch aktiv zu werden.

We create a minimum wage job for an unemployed. His task: to join the SPD (social democrats, germany's left-wing party) and get involved in political work.

Matters of Appearance Performance SPD Partei Intervention

Eine Analyse der Wortverteilung und speziell des Begriffs "ARBEIT" im "Hamburger Programm" der SPD:
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Chasing God

Exhibition Mama's Arts at, The Hague, 15 November to 14 December 2008.

In how far is science objective? Or do we construct our reality? The elementary particles in physics cannot be observed directly, but their traces look “real” to us. We do not see the particles but something completely different.
The Show "Mama's Arts" is about traditional textile craftsmanship, like embroidery, knitting and related manual work. These techniques are confronted with their sometimes counter-intuitive use in contemporary arts.

Catalog preview (PDF)

Matters of Appearance art and science embroidery
Diffusion Chamber 4. Embroidery on cotton, 2008


SUPERCORN at Magistrale 2008, Berlin, September 13, 2008.

Rent-a-Demonstrator to support genetically altered food. Performance.

Matters of Appearance Performance Supercorn with rented Demonstrator

What‘s virtual, stationary, politically correct and rendered in the public sphere?

We analyze a set of brief, purely textual exhibition announcements in fine arts ("teasers"). First, we outline the structure of our target group. Using data mining/data warehouse techniques we identify clusters of correlated terms which map to topics of particular interest in our considered social group. Some of the most interesting clusters are explored in more detail, while the entire diagram serves as a foundation for a topology of emerging schools of thought. We propose some diagrams that might be used in future investigations.

Results are published as a slide presentation on CD (artist's edition).
Matters of Appearance context art institutional critique Matters of Appearance context art institutional critique
Matters of Appearance context art institutional critique Matters of Appearance context art institutional critique
Matters of Appearance context art institutional critique Matters of Appearance context art institutional critique

Matters of Appearance Multiple CD-Rom CD Artist edition


Selection and omission of topics in modern media1 follow enigmatic rules. "Economical censorship" 2 is only one subtle means of political control. TV manifests itself in pixels, serialized in data streams, transmitted to the receiver. It's just a simple operation to redirect the stream into an artistic space, which has no concept of what's 'important'. The Colorbook is published as an artist's edition.

1 Jean Beaudrillard, The Ecstasy of Communication. Semiotext(e), New York 1988
2 Pierre Bourdieu, Über das Fernsehen, edition suhrkamp 1998

Wall painting media TV Matters of Appearance art
"Anne Will (Wortbruch der Linken). Wall Painting, approx. 400x300cm.

Wall painting media Multiple artist's book
Artist's Edition